Free Trial Membership

The Monarchist League of Canada is happy to place you on its mailing list for a six-month free trial membership at no cost or obligation.

You will receive Canadian Monarchist News, the League’s periodical. If you live in an area where there is a League branch, you will receive notices of its activities and events, many of which are held without charge.

At the end of six months, you will receive a card inviting you to renew your membership—at which point you are free to do so, or simply to write cancel on the card. (You can also renew online!) We know that you’ll understand that this special offer must be limited to residents of Canada.

Email the League to request a trial membership. Please be sure to include your name and complete postal address, so that we may send you a welcome packet as soon as possible. Any trial membership must be requested by the individual who wishes to join the League; they are not available as gifts.

We look forward to receiving your request!

Paid Memberships and Renewals

You are also welcome to join the League as a paid member, or to renew your membership, normally renewable annually on date of first application. In either case, please use our online store to purchase or renew a membership.