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Neighbours and Newcomers
Diamond Jubilee Get2Gether

Welcome to Jubilee get2gether!

With the kind sponsorship of the Government of Canada, Department of Canadian Heritage, the Monarchist League of Canada is holding or assisting in holding a number of Neighbours and Newcomers Together events across the country, and encouraging other organizations, groups and individuals to do so as well.


To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of The Queen—what better reason could there be?

On this website you will find a backgrounder on the Diamond Jubilee; a full explanation of Neighbours and Newcomers Together and how to organize your own Jubilee event; a listing of Neighbours and Newcomers Together and other Jubilee events; an explanation of how Canada’s Monarchy functions—and, a bit later, the “legacy” component of our program—that is, photo and written reports of the events and the memories and comments of some of those who attended.

Enjoy! And let’s celebrate together our Queen and her Canadian Realm!


This project is supported by Canadian Heritage.
Ce projet reçoit l’appui de Patrimoine canadien.

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