jubilee get2gether

Neighbours and Newcomers Get2gether Legacy Project

This project is supported by Canadian Heritage.
Ce projet reçoit l’appui de Patrimoine canadien.

Canadian Heritage          Symbol of the Government of Canada

One element of the conditions of the Monarchist League of Canada’s grant from Canadian Heritage for these Diamond Jubilee events across Canada was the addition to the Neighbours and Newcomers Get2gether special website of materials about the events which would form a permanent legacy in contributing to future reflection and reporting on the many and varied ways in which Canadians celebrated the 60th anniversary of our Queen’s Reign.

When complete by December, 2012, the reports and photos which follow will reveal one small tranche of the chain of deep respect and affection for The Queen, and loyalty to the institution she incarnates, which our fellow subjects forged anew during Jubilee year.

Some events were attended by a few dozen people, some by thousands. Some featured children’s activities, some music and dance. All reflected the object of our Neighbours and Newcomers Get2gether program: that diverse groups of Canadians should celebrate in their own way and their own communities both a remarkable woman and 60 years of national progress and prosperity, and in this way underline The Queen’s devotion to service, to national identity and to the reality that the things that unite us are so much more important than those that divide us.

What follows is one reflection of those purposes executed by members and friends of the League. We hope its totality may serve to add one small diamond to Her Majesty’s Maple Crown.