League Honours

At the time of the League’s 10th Anniversary in 1980, a system of League Honours was devised whereby those members who had given it distinguished service might be recognized. Additionally, provision was made to make awards to non-members who had shown particular loyalty to the Canadian Crown in public or private life. Over the years, League Honours have generally been awarded to commemorate a particular milestone in the reign of The Queen or an anniversary of the League’s founding. A number have been presented by distinguished guests such as Lady Mountbatten (1985), King Michael I of Romania, our Queen’s cousin (1992) and HRH Prince Michael of Kent (2002). Most have been presented by lieutenant governors. On rare occasions, the Dominion Chairman has made a presentation. These awards provide a modest, tangible recognition of service to the Crown and to the League. Below is a complete record of devoted members and friends of the cause who have received recognition. An asterisk (*) indicates that the recipient is now deceased. The city listed is that in which the recipient lived at the time of presentation.

Gold Badge of Service

Awarded to members of the Monarchist League of Canada for singularly outstanding service at the Dominion level, or service given in several branches. Only ten badges exist, and each is returned to the League upon the death of its holder, in the fullness of time to be presented to a new recipient, so forming a golden thread of dedication and service uniting the League’s fellowship and purpose down the years. Only exceptionally are badges awarded to serving officers of the League.


  • Roy Eappen, Montréal
  • Bruce Hallsor, Victoria
  • Jacques Monet, SJ, Montréal & Toronto


  • Stanley Sinclair, Victoria


  • Garry Toffoli, Toronto


  • Joanne Stiles Doig, Carleton Place
  • Michael Jackson, Regina
  • Hereward Senior*, Montréal


  • Claudia Willetts*, Toronto


  • Molly Ingram*, Victoria
  • John Hendricks*, Winnipeg


  • FM Felicity Burton, Ottawa


  • Strome Galloway*, Ottawa


  • Richard Toporoski, Toronto


  • Gerald* and Phyllis Bousfield*, Toronto
  • Jean KB Greene*, Toronto
  • Leon Kouyoumdjian*, Toronto, posthumously
  • Elinor Senior*, Montréal

Silver Badge of Service

Awarded to members of the Monarchist League of Canada who have made a significant contribution to the League’s work at a branch or community level, or in a specific area of service. Only exceptionally will a badge be awarded an incumbent officer.


  • Jennifer Baniczky, Ottawa
  • Steven Uren, Calgary


  • David Archer, Barrie
  • Ed and Jocelyn Badovinac, Mississauga
  • Brendon Bedford, Kitchener
  • Greg Blue, Vancouver
  • David Bush, Montréal
  • Jeff Cairns, St. Catherines
  • Lady Chatfield, Victoria
  • Mary Mills Dunea, St. Peter's Bay
  • Kevin Gillespie, Lethbridge
  • Robert Greene, Calgary
  • Jane Harris-Zsovan, Lethbridge
  • Brian Hodgson, Edmonton
  • Valerie Holden, Victoria
  • Hon. Ian Holloway, Calgary
  • Timothy Humphries, Toronto
  • Erno Kovacs, Calgary
  • Kenneth Lane, Victoria
  • Wilson Lau, Toronto
  • Danielle Lemire-Descary, St. Jean
  • Neil MacAlasdair, Toronto
  • Arthur McRae, Toronto
  • Colleen Mills, Victoria
  • Francis Ouellet, Québec City
  • Olive Pastor, Pictou
  • Richard Robarts, Windsor
  • Joshua Traptow, Calgary
  • Darcie von Axelstierna, Winnipeg
  • Helen Wyman, Halifax
  • Haris Yaqeen, Mississauga
  • John Yogis, Halifax


  • Paul Benoit, Ottawa
  • William Galbraith, Ottawa


  • Roy Eappen, Montréal
  • Warren* and Barbara Goldring, Toronto
  • Byron Thomas, Georgetown


  • Nathan Tidridge, Ancaster


  • Audrey Cowan, Belleville


  • Bruce Hallsor, Victoria
  • Diane Taylor, Victoria


  • James Allan*, Toronto
  • Isabel Bailey, Regine
  • Lynne Bell, Calgary
  • John Chard*, Belleville
  • Gordon and Bev Cranch, Calgary
  • Elaine Currie, Victoria
  • Gene Fedderly, Victoria
  • Marjorie Harrison, Saint John
  • Kent Jackson, Toronto
  • Bill Lee*, Qualicum Beach
  • Jean Lewis*, St. John's
  • Margaret Mace, Victoria
  • Derek Nicholls*, Regina
  • Pauline O'Connor*, Hamilton
  • Alexander Paton*, Victoria
  • Graeme Sorley*, Victoria


  • William Birtles*, WInnipeg
  • Sylvia Cook, Hamilton
  • Helen Fitzgerald*, London
  • Sylvia Gibb*, Qualicum Beach
  • Leo Hammerschmidt*, Montréal
  • Jessica Hanna*, Edmonton
  • Dorothy Kelly, Regina
  • William Meider*, Toronto
  • Edna Morley, Victoria
  • Diana Moyer, Toronto
  • Lena Pickup* and Felicity Pickup, Toronto
  • Prudence Preeper*, Sussex
  • Augusta Roulston*, Halifax
  • Adele Smith*, Winnipeg
  • Patricia and Grant* Wagner, Regina


  • Raymond Gonsolus*, Belleville


  • Jacqueline Barlow*, St. John's
  • Gordon Cranch, Yellowknife
  • James Hill, Hamilton
  • Geraldine Mainguy, Victoria
  • Elizabeth Horlock*, Halifax
  • Gladys* and Charlie* Killip, Qualicum Beach
  • John Palmer, Toronto
  • Darrell Small*, Ottawa
  • Audrey Smith*, Toronto
  • Dorothea Vincent*, Toronto


  • Rosemary Campbell, Toronto
  • Elva Clarke*, St. John's
  • Gerard de Gre*, Waterloo
  • Marguerite Dow*, London
  • Molly Ingram*, Victoria
  • Keith Knox*, Regina
  • Bruce Legge*, Toronto
  • Patricia Quinn, Toronto
  • Stanley Sinclair, Calgary


  • Steven Humphreys, Regina


  • W McKenzie Youngs*, Toronto


  • J Alvin Boyd*, London
  • Loveday Cadenhead*, Toronto
  • Blanche Facer*, Toronto
  • Grace George*, Winnipeg
  • Celia Hendricks, Winnipeg
  • Gerald Iles*, Montréal
  • Doris MacLean*, Regina
  • Alice McFarlane*, London
  • Clive Schaefer*, Halifax
  • Thomas Wardle, Sr*, Toronto
  • Alf Wurtele*, Victoria

Honorary Life Memberships

Awarded to individuals, not necessarily League members, who have distinguished themselves in their careers, professions or callings by their consistent and useful public advocacy of the monarchy. Particularly prior to the establishment of Badges of Service in 1980, but also occasionally thereafter, this award has also been made to members for special service on behalf of the League.


  • Nanda Cassucci-Byrne
  • Hon. Sheila Copps, PC
  • Elaine Currie
  • Hon. Jason Kenney, PC, MP
  • Geraldine Mainguy
  • Alexander R. Paton


  • Rosemary Campbell, Toronto
  • Hon. Anne Cools, Senator, Ottawa
  • Robert Morrow, Hamilton
  • John Wilkes, Toronto


  • John Archer*, Regina
  • Eric Burt*, Saskatoon
  • Hon. Sylvia Fedoruk, Saskatoon
  • Hon. Helen Hunley, Rocky Mountain House
  • J Kirk Howard, Toronto
  • Joyce Johnson, Regina
  • Chev. René le Clère, Montréal
  • William McCormack, Toronto
  • Lloyd Robertson, Toronto


  • Jane Beecroft, Toronto
  • Cam Jackson, MPP, Burlington
  • Peter Kormos, MPP, Welland
  • Hugh O'Neil, MPP, Trenton
  • Morris Shumiatcher*, Regina
  • William Vankoughnet, MP, Napanee


  • Loveday Cadenhead*, Toronto
  • Hon. Frank Miller*, Gravenhurst
  • Mary Miller Freeman*, Simcoe


  • Robert Coates*, MP, Amherst
  • Stanley Schumacher, MP, Drumheller
  • 1977

    • FM Felicity Burton, Ottawa


    • Peter Hannen, Montréal
    • Thomas Wardle, Jr, Toronto


    • Carmen Lindsay*, London


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