William, Prince of Wales

Prince William’s biography is here. An outline of the activities and interests of William and his wife Catharine (the Princess of Wales) appears there.

William and Catherine had a memorable first visit to Canada as a married couple – where over a million Canadians greeted them – on Parliament Hill and at the Calgary Stampede.

Millions of Canadians got up early and held breakfast parties to watch with family and neighbours the television coverage of William and Catharine’s Wedding on April 29, 2011. As in our own families, a marriage is a time of great happiness, excitement and celebration, this Royal Wedding brought joy to billions of people around the world. You might like to discuss with your teacher and classmates why this was so.

Prince George of Wales

The parents of Prince George, now nearly 10, have spoken publicly that they have explained to George in some appropriate way of the destiny that awaits him. Many were struck by his and his sister, Princess Charlotte’s, faultless demeanor as they attended The Late Queen’s funeral: it could not have been easy to be under a world spotlight when a beloved Great-Grandmother was being laid to rest. In that sense, George and his siblings are already well on the road to lead a life of service and sacrifice for the benefit of Canada and the Commonwealth.

First, his parents will frequently have to travel without him during their Royal tours and duties, just as many of our parents sometimes have to focus on their offices and careers, keep late hours and travel away from home. Second, unlike all of us who can choose what career we wish to pursue, and even change our minds several times, George doesn’t have that choice. His destiny is a life of service as a working member of our Royal Family, and eventually as our King. You might discuss with your teacher and classmates what are the advantages and burdens of such a commitment.

Prince William and his son Prince George