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Support the Cause

Discover the many ways you can support the Canadian Crown and the monarchical cause in your local community and online.

Young Monarchists

Learn about the efforts of our Young Monarchists to promote the Canadian Crown at schools, colleges and universities nationwide.

The Case for the Crown

Read a host of compelling arguments in support of Canada’s constitutional monarchy: a Crown for the 21st century.

Our Royal Family

Learn about the various members of Canada’s Royal Family, their lives and interests.


Buy or renew a League membership, donate to the cause, or buy varied items of Canadian monarchical interest.

Free Trial

On this page you will find the application for a six month free membership, and an explanation of all the associated benefits.

Myths about the Monarchy

In this one location you will find information debunking many commonly-circulated myths about Canada’s Crown.

The Cost of the Crown

The most common myth about the monarchy is its cost. A Canadian taxpayer only pays $1.55 each per year.