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Case for the Crown, Educational Booklets & League Chronology

The Case for the Crown (available in English and French) and The Difference the League has Made (English) are free recruiting information texts. The Monarchist League of Canada’s colourful educational booklets are aimed at elementary through high school students, also suitable for new Canadians, youth groups and the home. We offer it in English and French language versions. Happy to send a sample copy to teachers and leaders of youth and community groups, or to provide bulk copies for the cost of postage – simply contact

Canadian Monarchist News

This lively periodical appears three times each year. Most members print it on home or office computers, in colour or b&w to read at their leisure. A few request postal delivery, which is also made to government officials, members of the Royal Family and their Households.

Including French materials, CMN provides a range of material seldom seen elsewhere. In addition to its own writers, it often includes authors such as John Fraser and Dr Christopher McCreery, and original articles on topics ranging from the cost of the Crown and the activities of the Royal Family in Canada to the role of the Governor General and the lieutenant governors. It reviews recent books of interest to monarchists. It praises and pans public figures and institutions in “Crowns and Maces.” It alerts you to controversial issues. It reports on League initiatives and activities. It offers a selection of items in “Sales for Subjects.”

Complete issues of CMN, starting with issue 54. are available as PDF files. Previous issues merely highlight the front page – some back issues may be available in print. Enquiries please to

Cost of the Crown Survey

Canadians do not give any financial support to The King in his role as Head of the Commonwealth, nor as King of Canada, nor as Monarch of the United Kingdom and many more Realms. Nor does he receive any salary from the federal government. In this respect, his role as chief volunteer of the Commonwealth is unexcelled. The latest triennial study of the cost of the Canadian Crown shows that each Canadian contributes about $1.55 a year (a total of a little less than $59 million) towards our form of governance. The great majority of these costs stem from a) maintaining the historic buildings (Government Houses) occupied by vice-regal representatives; and b) from honouring Canadians who have performed outstanding acts or given a lifetime of service to the country.

Moreover, Canadians pay for The King’s role occurs when, as our head of state, he performs duties in Canada. As was demonstrated in our late Queen’s many homecomings to Canada, people flock to welcome the Sovereign, and clearly derive great pleasure from such homecomings. The most recent tour cost Canadians approximately 15 cents per person. Like all countries, Canadians regularly welcome and bear similar or greater expenses for visiting heads of state and government, ranging from the Pope to the Emperor of Japan to the Presidents of the United States and Mexico, none of whom have any constitutional involvement with our land, but whom we welcome as friends, allies or trading partners. How much more, then, should we welcome our own head of state, especially when the ate Queen and our present King’s lifetime of service to Canada has been undertaken without either receiving one penny of salary?

A new Cost of the Crown Survey is now in preparation.

Landing Pages for Important Events

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