League Chronology & Special Occasions

No compendium could possibly cover completely the accomplishments of a busy national organization over more than four decades. However, this chronology gives some highlights of the diverse activities carried out by the League and its branches.

  • 1970


    The Monarchist League of Canada is Founded

    • League is founded on 23rd February by John Aimers
    • Holds first meeting (over 600 attend in Ottawa) to counter moves by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to weaken the monarchy.
  • 1971

    Passport Campaign

    • Campaigns successfully for Royal Arms of Canada to remain on Canadian passports


  • 1972

    • Testifies before Joint Senate-Commons Committee on Constitution of Canada
    • Successfully campaigns to retain the Crown on Ontario License Plates
    • John Gould succeeds John Aimers as Dominion Chairman
  • 1973

    Canada Post Campaign

    • Pressure from League results in Canada Post issuing two large stamps of Queen for Commonwealth conference held in Ottawa
    • 20 League Members Journey to London to celebrate Princess Anne’s Wedding


  • 1974


    Monarchy Canada

    • Initiates Monarchy Canada in magazine format as independent journal of Canadian monarchical opinion.
  • 1975

    Vice-Regal Patronage

    • After campaigning, receives assurance from Ontario Premier Bill Davis of his government ’s opposition to an Ontario Advisory Committee report suggesting Queen be dropped from Canadian Citizenship Oath
    • Branches encouraged as six lieutenant governors become League patrons
    • John Aimers resumes active leadership of League as Dominion Chairman


  • 1976


    Montreal Olympics Campaign

    • Lobbies and runs advertising to make sure that Queen opens 21st Olympics in Montréal as Canada’s head of state
  • 1977

    The Queen’s Silver Jubilee

    • Newfoundland Branch obtains signatures of over three-quarters of the province’s population on Declaration of Loyalty for Silver Jubilee
    • 90 League members journey to London to celebrate Queen’s Silver Jubilee in June
    • A large group of members gathers in Ottawa in October for Queen’s Jubilee homecoming to the National Capital Region.


  • 1978


    Campaign Against Bill C-60

    • Testifies before Joint Committee of Commons and Senate against the republican provisions of Bill C-60 (“a new Constitution for Canada”), waging large public opinion campaign helping to secure unanimous provincial opposition to the bill and its eventual withdrawal
  • 1979

    Monarchical Traditions in the Canadian Forces

    • Testifies before Minister of Defence’s Task Force Review on Unification of Canadian Forces in respect of monarchical traditions and insignia


  • 1980


    First National Dinner, Awards

    • Holds first national dinner to celebrate 10th anniversary of League’s founding
    • Initiates awards to honour members’ outstanding service and distinguished Canadians’ public support of the Crown.
  • 1981

    • Produces popular sticker of The Queen for use on mail, partly as reaction to lack of availability of Royal stamps at post offices
    • 120 members join celebrations of Prince of Wales’ marriage in London


  • 1982


    Sir John Biggs Davison Tour

    • Sponsors national speaking tour by British MP and Monarchist Sir John Biggs-Davison
  • 1983

    Initiates "Royal Week" Celebrations

    • Initiates national celebrations of Royal Week near Victoria Day holiday each May to encourage public celebration of Canada’s monarchy
    • Newfoundland Branch presents first Colours to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary


  • 1984


    CBC Production and U of T Monarchy Conference

    • Assists CBC in production of video history of Canada’s monarchy, The Maple & The Crown
    • Co-hosts study conference on monarchy held at the University of Toronto
    • Toronto Branch participates in Royal Tattoo in presence of The Queen
  • 1985

    Canada’s Monarchy, Authentic Evolution

    • Submits to new Mulroney government a brief, Canada’s Monarchy, Authentic Evolution, containing department-by-department recommendations for full expression of the nation’s monarchical identity
    • Welcomes Countess Mountbatten of Burma as Guest of Honour at 15th Anniversary National Dinner-Dance


  • 1986


    Queen’s Birthday Parade

    • Toronto branch initiates annual Queen’s Birthday Parade honouring her official birthday
  • 1987

    Campaign to Retain Queen in Citizenship Oath

    • Defeats attempt by Secretary of State David Crombie to remove Queen from Canadian Citizenship Oath
    • Participates in National Forum on Heraldry in Ottawa, leading to The Queen’s authorizing establishment of the Canadian Heraldic Authority


  • 1988


    Lobbies for Statue of Queen on Parliament Hill

    • Begins research and lobbying activities to encourage MPs to request and Government to erect the Equestrian Statue of The Queen on Parliament Hill (unveiled in 1992)
  • 1989

    • Influences Canadian Heraldic Authority to clarify position of Queen as source of its grants
    • Assists Alberta Provincial Museum in mounting exhibit on 1939 Royal Tour


  • 1990


    First Bilingual League Pamphlet

    • Testifies before Ontario and Alberta legislative committees on Canadian constitution, and submits brief to Federal Constitutional (Spicer) Commission
    • Issues first bilingual pamphlet about the value of monarchy and the work of the League
  • 1991

    Campaign for Canadian Victoria Cross

    • On eve of announcement at time of Gulf War, blocks announcement of government’s new Gallantry Decorations which would have eliminated the Victoria Cross as a Canadian decoration
    • Subsequently wages successful campaign resulting in Queen’s creation of a Canadian Victoria Cross in 1993


  • 1992


    Queen’s Ruby Jubilee

    • Marks The Queen’s Ruby Jubilee with National Banquet in presence of HM’s cousin, King Michael of Romania, accompanied by Queen Anna and Princess Margarita.
  • 1993

    MP Oath of Allegiance Campaign

    • Contacts every member of new House of Commons to solicit response of loyalty to Crown and offer material on monarchy for MPs’ offices and constituent enquiries
    • Campaigns to ensure public and parliamentary understanding of MPs’ Oath of Allegiance


  • 1994


    Establishment of Canadian Monarchist News

    • Testifies before Commons committee in support of Citizenship Oath remaining Oath to The Queen, a position endorsed by committee’s report
    • Exposes the surreptitious breaking of The Guide Promise to The Queen
    • Assists Dundurn Press in producing Canada’s first Royal genealogical chart, Canada’s Kings and Queens
    • Establishes Canadian Monarchist News
  • 1995

    League’s Silver Jubilee

    • Organizes series of regional celebrations, special events and projects to mark League’s Silver Jubilee
    • CTV News anchor Lloyd Robertson addresses Toronto celebration, accepts honorary membership


  • 1996


    First League Website

    • Becomes first loyal society site on the internet at www.monarchist.ca; free trial memberships attract many new supporters
  • 1997

    First Annual League Internship at the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario’s Office

    • Establishes nationwide Red Box program to furnish monarchical materials and teaching aids at no charge to school and youth groups
    • Supplies first annual summer student intern to Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
    • Assists in presentation of Five Hundred Years of Royal Canada mural to The Queen at Rideau Hall


  • 1998

    • Exposes in Parliament and media the refusal of Chrétien Government to second a Canadian public servant to assist Queen at Buckingham Palace in line with previous practice, eliciting promise from PM to do so when asked in future
    • Campaigns successfully for Canada Post policy whereby Queen’s Stamp must be stocked at all outlets, and her picture hung based on “community demand”
    • Also campaigns successfully for Oath of Citizenship to remain Oath to Queen as evidenced when Bill C-63 tabled
    • Testifies before Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee on proposed Royal Assent changes
    • Canadian Monarchist News appears in tabloid format as official League periodical, replacing Monarchy Canada
  • 1999

    First Survey on Cost of Canadian Crown Released

    • Releases first comprehensive Survey on Cost of Canadian Crown (74 cents per citizen yearly)
    • Exposes Premiers’ near-unanimous opposition to leaked prime ministerial “millennium” project to make Canada a republic


  • 2000


    League Receives Armorial Bearings

    • Campaigns to force Canada Post to reverse previous refusal to issue stamp honouring Queen Mother’s 100th Birthday: stamp subsequently launched by Governor General in presence of League members at Rideau Hall
    • Organizes Queen Mother celebrations across Canada
    • Receives Armorial Bearings containing two Royal Crowns by Queen’s permission, presented by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario acting on behalf of The Governor General and proclaimed at Accession Day service.
    • Testifies before House of Commons Committee and Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee on Citizenship Oath
    • Launches first contact groups in communities where League branches not yet in existence
    • Victoria Branch places pictures of The Queen in scores of Vancouver Island postal outlets
  • 2001

    • Joins commentators and his Cabinet colleagues in rebuking Foreign Affairs Minister Manley’s call for a republic
    • Testifies before Senate Rules, Procedures and Rights of Parliament Committee on Royal Assent procedures
    • Ottawa branch successfully campaigns to prevent designer logo from replacing Armorials in amalgamated city
    • Supplies first vice-regal summer student intern at Government House, Victoria
    • Places pressure on Bank of Canada to emphasize Queen’s role as Canada’s Sovereign on redesigned $20 banknote
    • Victoria branch organizes first branch advertising campaign
    • Produces League flag in response to members’ demand. Establishes bulletin board on internet for free exchange of members’ views


  • 2002


    Golden Jubilee, Host Governor General, Member of Royal Family for First Time

    • First sitting Governor General attends League event: Golden Jubilee Accession Day Service and Reception, Toronto
    • Welcomes member of Royal Family for first time as Prince Michael of Kent addresses functions and presents League Awards in Toronto, Calgary and Victoria on 12-day national tour organized by John Aimers
    • Successfully campaigns for stamp, coin, Queen’s pictures and other Jubilee materials to be issued by federal government
    • Begins free national distribution of Jubilee portraits of Queen
    • Organizes and assists public and private celebrations of Golden Jubilee throughout Canada, launching special bilingual Jubilee website
    • Supplies first vice-regal summer student to serve Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia
    • Revises and updates survey on Cost of Canadian Crown: $1.10 per Canadian yearly
    • Is named partner in awarding of Golden Jubilee Medal, with over 100 members subsequently so honoured
    • Bilingualizes main League website
    • Teen and Young Adult Monarchist interest groups formed in response to surging youth membership
  • 2003

    Second Royal Visitor to League, the Duke of York

    • Campaigns against Bill C-25 to remove allegiance to Queen from Public Service Oath
    • Welcomes Duke of York to Dominion League Youth Reception, Toronto branch Jubilee Rose Garden dedication and Joint Reception at Queen’s Park, Toronto—second Royal visitor to League
    • Promotes distribution of materials commemorating 50th anniversary of Coronation


  • 2004


    Hosts Anne, Princess Royal in Toronto

    • Defends Governor General in media over spending and travel controversy
    • Ontario members participate in Lieutenant Governor’s book drive for First Nations communities
    • Greets Princess Royal in Toronto with youth and members (from six provinces) as League’s third Royal Visitor
    • Holds Young Adult Monarchist Conference in Toronto
    • Exposes federal government confusion as to the roles of The Queen and the Governor General, as demonstrated at Canadian 60th anniversary of D-Day commemoration in Normandy
  • 2005

    Celebrates 35th Anniversary with the Earl and Countess of Wessex

    • Mounts national campaign in opposition to deletion of Queen’s name from Canadian diplomatic Letters of Credence and to demonstrate dangers of creeping republicanism vested in a Governor General nominated, advised and budgeted by the Prime Minister
    • Releases third comprehensive study of the Cost of the Canadian Crown: $1.54 per Canadian annually
    • Celebrates 35th anniversary with the League’s fourth Royal visit, by welcoming The Earl and Countess of Wessex
    • Takes leading role in debate over nomination of Michaëlle Jean as Governor General
    • Second Monarchist Youth Conference held in Toronto


  • 2006


    Publishes The Canadian Monarchy

    • Produces The Canadian Monarchy, full-colour educational booklet about the Maple Crown, and begins distribution to parliamentarians, schools and youth groups
    • Revises website to incorporate contemporary education section
    • Celebrates Queen’s 80th birthday
    • Third Monarchist Youth Conference held in Ottawa
  • 2007

    First Definitive stamp of the Queen Issued by Canada Post

    • Robert Finch of Hamilton, Ontario, succeeds John Aimers as Dominion Chairman on the 37th anniversary of the League’s founding
    • After decades of lobbying, Canada Post issues the first permanent (non-denominated) definitive stamp of The Queen for first class letters


  • 2008


    Campaign to Reverse BC Ferries’ Removal of Pictures of the Queen

    • Leads successful public and media campaign to reverse BC Ferries’ decision to remove pictures of Queen from its vessels
    • Protests downgrading of Royal portrait at Rideau Hall
    • Distributes new official portrait of Queen and the federal government’s Crown of Maples/ La Couronne Canadienne
  • 2009

    The League Joins Social Media

    • Promotes Crown via social networking through League presence on Facebook, Twitter and Chairman’s Blog
    • Becomes first organization to Tweet a Royal Visit
    • Members in BC, ON and QC attend events for Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall
    • Issues fourth triennial study, The Cost of the Canadian Crown: $1.53 per Canadian yearly


  • 2010


    League’s 40th Anniversary

    • Celebrates 40th anniversary of founding with complete revamping of website
    • Opens special Facebook page for discussion of Governor General appointment
    • Members attend events for Queen and Prince Philip’s homecoming in MB, ON & NS
    • Campaigns for restoration of “Royal Canadian Navy” title
  • 2011

    The Marriage of Prince William to Catherine Middleton

    • 45 members travel to London to join festivities surrounding the Marriage of Prince William to Catherine Middleton
    • Organizes coast-to-coast breakfast parties for Canadians to share in watching the Royal Wedding
    • Several hundred members breakfast together in Ottawa prior to joining throngs on Parliament Hill to celebrate Canada Day with William and Kate


  • 2012


    The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

    • With assistance of Canadian Heritage grant, organizes 17 Diamond Jubilee celebrations throughout Canada, some attended by thousands, emphasizing community, diversity, and fun. Distributes tens of thousands of Jubilee educational and celebration materials
    • League Dominion Chairman Robert Finch is invited by the Prime Minister of Canada to accompany him to central Jubilee Weekend in London
    • 35 members join London Central Jubilee weekend festivities with many attending the Canadian High Commission “Big Lunch” with the Governor General and the official re-opening of the High Commission with HRH the Duke of York
    • Nominates some 45 members to receive the Diamond Jubilee Medal: Barbara Goldring of Toronto and Tom Richards of Regina receive theirs at the hands of HRH the Prince Wales
  • 2013

    First French Language League Education Booklet

    • Publishes and distributes across Canada its first educational booklet in the French language, La Monarchie Canadienne
    • Promotes unanimous passage by Parliament of Succession To the Throne Act which reflects Canadian values by eliminating gender-discrimination in the Succession and the unique ban on heirs’ marrying a Roman Catholic
    • Organizes Royal Baby showers to benefit Royal Charities across Canada in celebrating the birth of Prince George, future King of Canada


  • 2014


    The Prince of Wales’ Canadian Homecoming

    • Young Monarchists make three short films to promote League in social media: filming funded by generous gift from member and first Silent Auction
    • Members in Nova Scotia, PEI and Manitoba meet the Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall at official functions and walkabouts during Canadian homecoming. Other members are greeted by HRH the Duke of York at York Rangers’ Regimental Luncheon
  • 2015

    • Organizes a chain of 140 municipal celebrations across Canada to mark the historic longevity of The Queen’s reign on September 9th
    •  Publishes bilingual recruiting flyer


  • 2016

    • Encourages/records national singing of Happy Birthday/Bonne fête for The Queen’s 90th birthday, welcoming the Governor General to a national League celebration of the event on the eve of HM’s actual birthday
    • Dylan Mainprize succeeds Neil Macalasdair as National Chairman of Young Monarchists
    • Launches new website of modern design
    • Issues 6th edition of The Cost of Canada’s Constitutional Monarchy, showing $1.53 per Canadian annually
    • Begins regular bilingual electronic communication with members via Mail Chimp
  • 2017

    • Young Monarchists who support the NDP lead successful opposition to republican resolution at the long-loyal Party’s national convention
    • Andreas Kyriakos named the League’s first summer student intern to serve the Prince’s Trust Canada
    • Canadian Monarchist News, formerly a newsprint tabloid, re-launched in magazine format


  • 2018

    • Campaigns successfully for the Prince of Wales to be designated by the Commonwealth as its future Head, with Prime Minister Trudeau publicly advocating for HRH’s future role
    • Begins series of articles in CMN making proposals for a “21st century transition” when The Queen’s Reign concludes
    • Continues outreach to Canada’s First Nations as Stacey Laforme, Chief of the Mississaugas of the Credit, addresses Accession Luncheon
  • 2019

    • Becomes sole source for disposition of colour portraits of The Queen when federal government’s Department of Canadian Heritage ceases printing them, offers only downloads
    • Members invited by the Governor General to ceremony and garden party marking the installation at Rideau Hall of the Equestrian Statue of The Queen, moved from Parliament Hill during its decade-long program of restoration and renovation


  • 2020


    League 50th Anniversary

    • Celebrates 50th Anniversary of League founding, with prominent Canadians joining Council of Honour
    • League medallion struck as member’s gift, and League Tartan designed through a member competition: hundreds of scarves sold!
    • Canadian Secretary to The Queen addresses Accession Lunch
    • Social Media Coordinator appointed
  • 2021

    • Print advertising resumed in community, regional and national newspapers
    • National virtual Lunch to celebrate Queen’s 95th birthday addressed by Deputy Prime Minister and Lt Gov of NS
    • As pandemic wanes, Chairman Finch issues a three-year pan for Branch Development to promote new leadership, common expectations and revive branches and incentivize member recruitment;  begins to appoint new local chairmen
    • Case for the Crown issued to complement 8th edition of The Cost of the Canadian Crown: $1.55 per Canadian per annum.
    • Importance of social media reflected as Logan Liut appointed National Coordinator
    • Mourns death of Prince Philip at 99, a singularly useful, innovative and admired Consort to the Sovereign..


  • 2022

    • Platimum Jubilee year finds membership doubling while members lead variegated celebrations and projects
    • Government of Canada tasks League with distributing the Platinum Jubilee Pin – tens of thousands purchased
    • Canadian Heritage awards League $180,000 grant to bring 70,000 of League educational booklets in English & French to schools, institutions and the public during Jubilee year
    • Leads national campaign for Jubilee Medal, supported by a majority of MPs – Ottawa’s shameful refusal rebuked as 6 provinces do so with Medal approved by the Monarch
    • Mourns deeply the death while celebrating the servant life of our beloved Queen in September, and hails Charles & Camilla in succession to the Maple Throne
    • Thorough revamping of website
    • Forms Committee to consider national and League projects to mark Coronation in 2023