League Honours

At the time of the League’s 10th Anniversary in 1980, a system of League Honours was devised whereby those members who had given it distinguished service might be recognized. Additionally, provision was made to make awards to non-members who had shown particular loyalty to the Canadian Crown in public or private life. Over the years, League Honours have generally been awarded to commemorate a particular milestone in the reign of The Queen or an anniversary of the League’s founding. A number have been presented by distinguished guests such as Lady Mountbatten (1985), King Michael I of Romania, our Queen’s cousin (1992) and HRH Prince Michael of Kent (2002). Most have been presented by lieutenant governors. On rare occasions, the Dominion Chairman has made a presentation. These awards provide a modest, tangible recognition of service to the Crown and to the League. Below is a complete record of devoted members and friends of the cause who have received recognition. An asterisk (*) indicates that the recipient is now deceased. The city listed is that in which the recipient lived at the time of presentation.