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In its 48th year, the Monarchist League of Canada remains Canada’s premier organization at the forefront of the promotion, education, and nonpartisan defence of the Canadian Crown. This site is the first step to learning about the League’s activities and about Canada’s constitutional monarchy. Whether you want to learn how to write The Queen, request 100th birthday greetings, fact check the media, or simply need to do some research for a school project, we hope to be a useful resource.
This site explores the importance of an institution that is as uniquely Canadian as hockey, maple syrup and the beaver: the Crown, an essential part of our national identity and democratic institutions since Confederation. Our goal is to show that our constitutional monarchy actively advances a modern, inclusive, fair, and united Canada of which everybody can be proud.
We invite you to enroll in the League with a free six-month trial membership, after which you will be invited to renew on a paid basis. Membership includes receipt of Canadian Monarchist News, as well as other benefits including frequent e-mail communiqués ranging from alerts asking League members to take action in supporting the Crown, to special event invitations, news about the Monarchy and special offers for those interested in obtaining informative books, pictures of The Queen or souvenirs of Royal significance. For more information about joining the League, or if you are considering making a donation, please see our trial membership page and online store
In addition to our website, check out the League’s participation in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our Young Monarchists have posted short films depicting the League’s work on the League’s YouTube channel. We also have a number of local branches and contact groups to promote the Crown in the community and allow monarchists to gather and get to know one another in common endeavour. We hope you enjoy the site, and we welcome you to our fellowship of loyalty!

A Primer on Myths About the Monarchy

For Additional Information About These Myths and Others, see Myths About the Monarchy and Cost of the Crown

As shown in the latest triennial study of the cost of the Canadian Crown, each Canadian contributes about $1.63 a year (a total of a little over $50 million) towards our form of governance. However, the great majority of these costs stem from: a) maintaining the historic buildings (Government Houses) occupied by vice-regal representatives; and b) from honouring Canadians who have performed outstanding acts or given a lifetime of service to the country.

Whether a republic or monarchy, Canadians would maintain these heritage buildings and recognize achievements through an honours system. A president would likely be more expensive—look at the proportional costs of the White House and Elysée Palace! There may be arguments for a republic, but cost-saving is not one of them.

Canadians living in a diverse and mobile society rarely properly describe people as foreigners. We judge individuals not by the place of their birth, the colour of their skin or their accents, but by their character and their contribution to Canadian society. By this standard our Queen is as Canadian as can be: in her length of service to the country, in her pride in being our Queen and our reciprocal affection for her, in her being the embodiment of citizenship, the source of law and the guardian of the constitution, and in her linking us to the multi-cultural peaceful alliance that is the Commonwealth. When The Queen is not present, a number of our fellow Canadians represent her as Governor General and lieutenant governors.

A central weakness of those who propose abolishing Canada’s monarchy is their lack of a credible, demonstrably-superior alternative. To change for the sake of change would involve massive constitutional upheaval and to some extent ape the form of government of the United States, a curious decision for a country where the chief threat to national identity comes from our friendly neighbour south of the border! How would an elected president improve one aspect of Canadian life? Or reduce crowding in one classroom? Or lower our taxes? Would it make us any more patriotic? If we maintained an appointed head of state, be that individual called governor general or anything else, how would Canadians benefit in concrete terms from this de-racination of our entire history and of our current experience as a stable, respected nation with traditions and a distinct political and social way of life most of us like very much?

I want the Crown to be seen as a symbol of national sovereignty belonging to all. It is not only a link between Commonwealth nations, but between Canadian citizens of every national origin and ancestry [….] I want the Crown in Canada to represent everything that is best and most admired in the Canadian ideal. I will continue to make it so during my lifetime. I hope you will all continue to give me your help in this task.
Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second

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